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Welcome to the MonaVie Israel information webpage. Be sure to check back frequently for updates as we continue to develop this exciting new market.

Effective Monday, November 3, 2008 (Israel time)


During MonaVie's pre-market status in Israel, you can enroll in MonaVie and order product not for resale, enabling you to earn volume and qualify for bonuses based on sales volume.

You may purchase up to two cases of U.S. MonaVie Original juice per every 28-day period, for your personal consumption (note: you may not sell, distribute, or give away juice during the pre-market period). Prior to MonaVie making the full opportunity available in Israel, we encourage you to take this time to become familiar with the product and enjoy its benefits for yourself.


  • Designed to deliver key nutrients to your body, MonaVie is a mouthwatering fusion of the Brazilian açai berry—a superfruit known for its unique health properties—and 18 other body-beneficial fruits.
  • Taking a Balance-Variety-Moderation approach to nutrition, this premier formula promotes a healthy lifestyle.
In order to provide this early-stage MonaVie opportunity in Israel, we will initially launch with U.S. non-kosher product in Israel. However, we are currently working on a kosher-certified MonaVie Original juice product approved for Israel.

To help you gain a greater understanding of the benefits of MonaVie products—and the stringent quality assurance processes that go into making our premier acai blend—the following brochures and videos will be available to you online in your Virtual Office:
  • The Premier Acai Blend. Educational and smartly written, this brochure gives an overview of the MonaVie blend with special emphasis on the amazing benefits of the acai berry.
  • An Extraordinary Process. From harvesting the acai berry to packaging the product for delivery to your doorstep, learn what makes MonaVie one of the foremost nutritional beverages today. (video and brochure)
  • Momentum is a motivational and informative video that offers valuable insights from some of the company’s top executive distributors as well as Founder and President Dallin Larsen.
Follow these steps to access this information in the Document Library of your Virtual Office:
  • Log into your Virtual Office
  • Click Corporate
  • Click Document Library under the “Resources” section
One of the great aspects of MonaVie’s opportunity is flexibility. One way you can experience this flexibility is through your very own Virtual Office, which enables you to take care of your MonaVie account anytime, anywhere. With more than 20 specialized reports, your Virtual Office is an online destination that acts as the command center for managing all things MonaVie.

The Virtual Office is currently available in English only; however, we are working to make the Virtual Office also available in Hebrew, as we approach the date of the full launch in Israel.

As we begin the first phase of our launch in Israel, the following ordering options will be (or will soon be) available to you:
  • Pickup – place an order in your Virtual Office and select the "Israel/Jacksonville" warehouse.
  • Purchase product with option to exchange for kosher – the initial launch of MonaVie in Israel will offer U.S. non-kosher MonaVie Original juice. This option allows you to purchase product with the ability to exchange for kosher product within 90 days, upon availability. (Please note that kosher product, upon availability, will only be available to distributors in Israel at this time.)
  • Shipping Option – coming soon. We anticipate that product will be available for shipping by the end of November.
Please note that when you order from the United States, the following charges will apply: (1) U.S. cost of the product and (2) pickup/exchange fee.

QuantityCost of ProductPickup/Exchange FeeTotal
1 caseUS$1207%US$128.40
2 casesUS$2207%US$235.40

To enroll and purchase product, you must please use an internationally accepted credit card (e.g., Visa, MasterCard®, American Express).

Distributors in Israel will be paid commissions (in USD) via MonaVieCommissions. To view a brief tutorial on how this process works, please follow these steps:
1) Visit
2) Click View Demos
3) Click Activate Account Demo
4) View tutorial

Please note that a US$30 wire transfer fee applies per transaction. Local bank fees may apply.

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* Information is subject to change without notice.